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I'm talking initial purchase for the above categories. The Mustang Coupe is a sports car. Sports cars are sporty and meant to be driven with some spirit.

The Ford AOD has no spirit. It's a slushbox made to shift like a Lincoln Town Car. Sure you can mod it, but to do it right will set you back $700 more than the same car with a 5spd would, and you still could be slower. Rowing through the gears with control and the crisp response of a 5spd is a pleasure when toying around with a sportscar, and something you cannot imitate with an auto.

As far as the vert, it's a great crusin' car. When you're out on the crusin strip, it's nice to just have a nice, smooth, drive amongst some other nice cars (and usually girls) hehe. Too bad there aren't enough days in Minnesota to enjoy like that it seems.

Hey Hammer, be careful. Mr 5 0, Dark 5.0, gtsr515, and you have all agreed with me in the last month or so. Might I finally be corrupting people? HHAHAHAHAH
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