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Like most have said it depends on the situation. The only reason in my opinion to lose the 5 speed is for consistancy down the track. A 5 speed is only as consistant as the driver and can compete with an automatic. I can make a handful of passes on any given night at the local track and be within a couple hundreths of every run, however there is always that one run when you miss a gear and in an elimination round that is when an auto is better.

For a street racing car to say you need an auto doesn't make much sense, on the street consistancy doesn't mean anything power does and auto use more power.

At the Atlanta FFW I lost the semi final round due to a missed shift and would have been in the finals if not. So I have been looking into an automatic for my car just for the FFW racing series but the 5 speed will always have a home in my car in heads up racing.

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