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Question Which is your favorite general auto parts store?

Recently, I've had to go to these frequently for some reason and the Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts in my area has really been pissing me off. When I go to an auto parts store looking for nuts and bolts, I expect them to have a good selection. I don't even screw with Discount Auto. Everytime I go there, it seems like no one's running the store, I could steal some oil and they'd never know. I have NEVER had ANY bad experience with PepBoys where I live. IF the other auto parts places don't have what I need, I know I can count on PepBoys. THe personnel there are friendly and knowledgeable and there are always enough people around to help out a customer. THe other places I go you always have to wait for at 5-10 minutes couse eveybody (which is about 3 people) is helping other customers. Sucks. Many of these guys can only read what's on the computer.

I was talking about this with a friend of mine and it was almost opposite. He has had nothing but bad experience with PepBoys (couldn't be in Augusta though, maybe South Carolina). He likes Advanced Auto Parts.

NAPA is pretty good IMO, also. THey are an old-school parts place that seems to have very knowledgeable staff there. MOst of the time it just depends on who works there. FOr me though in my experience in Augusta, GA, it seems like AA, AZ, and Discount, are just superficial parts places. THey jsut subscribe to what is popular. PepBOys and NAPA to me are the real parts places.

YOu may have totally diff experiences......
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