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Originally posted by 1BAD302

Mopac is great, way better than Lordco and their prices are always better. Plus they do installs on site. I find that the Lordco guys are always a bit slow...."do you guys carry 3.73's for a 95 5.0?" and you get "huh!?, what are those, let me look in my special book"
i found on a couple time that i've dealt with them that they have no idea what there saying or have no idea what your talking about. them mopac guys usually can help all hi-po ideas take form, they know what you need and what other things will usually work best with it. the guys that lordco said i'd never get a carb for my 3.3 i-6, so i went to mopac and they showed me three or four carbs i could use. go figure.
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