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Default :) Ha! Seems like PepBoys and "other" is winning...

Mustangbelle306, I'll make sure never to go to the the "Pep Beeyatchz" in Pleasantville, NJ.

82GT, how ya been?! I've been back here for about a 1.5 weeks so far. ...Miss my buddies here...

As far as the parts stores, I think much of the quality has to do with the service quality and parts quantity. Between AZ and AAP, both quality and quantity seem to fluctuate, whereas it has only gotten better with the PepBoyses (<---plural of PepBoys--just in case you were wondering ) in my area. HA! and one of th AAPs that my friend goes to, this woman behind the counter likes to argue with him on what part he needs. He always makes it a point to rub it in her face when he proves her WRONG without a shadow of a doubt... quite entertaining it is....
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