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You bet!
If the car is trying to push 2 wheels facing each other, you can imagine that would slow you down. I set my Comet at 0 toe 0 camber and as much caster as I can get in it, with the front end lifted about 2 inches. This was worth about .15. But it had a good alignment to begin with. This car also does not see street duty, it does handle a little twichy, but it gives me somthing to do as I go down the track.
93LXcopcarSOLD14.3@96 @ 4500ft 2.02 60ft on street tires.
my 67 ranchero NOT A 390 ANY MORE! 460! 3.70's cast manifolds, comp cams 262H, performer, 750DP 100K out of 79 F250
NEW(oct20/02)14.58@95mph 2.3 60 ft
corrects to:13.86@100
66 merc comet351w, isky roller 600 lift 268/260@.050, vic jr. 700DP, 5000stall, 4.56's c-4, 3400lbs with driver
12.3@110 @ 4000ft 1.69 60 ft
corrects to:11.69@115
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