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I have intake, full exhaust, and cam...

My car is DYING for some heads. I think the intake sucks ***, but I think it is the heads that really hold it back. When I added a new e-303 cam, intake manifolds, and headers I saw no improvement with my 1/4 mile times. Granted, the cam I got sucks with AOD (FINALLY going to start the swap to T5 tomorrow!). I know heads would really make my car come alive, which is why I voted heads. I agree intake is needed, but better gains come from the heads.

Ok, that was some serious rambling, but whatever!

What I have:
1990 Red Mustang 5.0 LX:
[BBK X-Pipe]-[MAC Cat-Back Exhaust]
[MAC Cold Air Intake]-[BBK Equal Shorties]
[3.55 Gears]-[Cobra Intake Manifold (Upper and Lower]
[E-303 Cam]-[Granetelli Mass Air Flow Sensor]
[Front and rear sway bars]-[New black carpet and seats.]
[Adjustable Fuel Regulator]-[T5 Conversion w/ K. Cobra Clutch/Hurst STS]
[Cobra Throttle Body]-[130A Alt. Conversion]

Thinking about:
Aftermarket Heads!
Vortech A-Trim
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