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Unit, from what i have studied is Anti-Lock brakes were designed to help you brake into and out of a turn in poor conditions such as rain, dirt or snow. they originally not designed to stop less distance, but allow the driver in an emergency situation to brake when turning without the wheels completely locking up. Oh btw, on dry pavement going straight, most conventional brakes will stop shorter than ABS due to friction.

To those who don't know, ABS is used on airplanes, so when they put the landing gear down and apply the brakes, it doesnt lock up and have the plane crash on the runway. Mostly that is where we got the information from.

Do Anti-Lock brakes suck? depends. IMOP, i think they do. I seem to have better control over a car with conventional brakes rather than with ones with ABS. Maybe i am just a good driver. ABS is useful, but i don't think anyone was "trained" on how to use them correctly. Next thing you know over half of the cars being made in the early 90's had them. People weren't used to this style of braking which can cause accidents.

So for me? Thumbs down on ABS!
Cobra brakes are on! Finally.....
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