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Well Unit do this. Serioiusly try it. Take your new Stang. Go lets say 60mph. hit the brakes as hard as you can and mark the spot. then diconnect the ABS and try it with conventional. give me the results. NOT all cars act the same way. weight distrubution has a big role in it. if you have a 60/40 weight ratio car, it is going to take longer to stop at a given weight as one with a 50/50 with the same given weight. also many other factors are involved, like tire material, width of the tire, tire pressure, tire heat and heat of the surface, brake fade, yada, yada, yada. you get the point. some cars do stop better with ABS, should have made that clear first, sorry. i drove alot of cars from experience with RWAL, 4WAL, and other types. all i have to say, the higher end vehicles with ABS compared to the lower end priced vehicles, seem to stop better with the ABS on dry pavement. Not all vehicles with ABS are created equally. Their is pro's and con's about ABS. like i said, for me, i like it without ABS. i feel i have more control than the computer does.

Why did they turn? Lets just say your are going straight down a paved road. You are doing 50, its raining and it is daytime. All of the sudden out of nowhere a deer jumps out in front of you. You slam hard on those brakes and try to steer out of the way of the deer. Now if you have 4 wheel ABS chances are you wont hit the deer head on while you tried to swerve out of the way, you may just miss him or clip him head on. meanwhile while all this is going on, your brakes arent fully locked up, making you able to steer the car in the direction you want to go. Conventional brakes you would be going straight and BAM! you have venicine(sp?) for dinner.

Believe it or not, it really isnt the computer gets confused, it is the lack of knowledge or instinct of the driver of how he/she uses the brakes. If the person hits the brakes and makes an ABS stop and releases the brake and then applies it again, ABS is going to think it doesnt need to use its braking assistance any longer, return to normal mode and then try to attempt another ABS stop in the middle of the braking mode. all the fluid in the ABS resvoir is being pumped back up so it can have the pressure again for another ABS stop. since no pressure is really built up, the brakes lock up and you lose your ABS. so basically if you have ABS, dont pump the pedal or when you are doing ABS braking, let is go through its cycle or when you have control of your vehicle, let go of the brakes.

I have used ABS brakes before. Testing and through personal experience of emergency situations like the snow. i have more control without it on slippery surfaces than i do with it.

Unit, i hope i answered something!?
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