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You're preaching to the wrong guy. I'm an ex-FedEx guy. We got rentals in, and we performed these braking tests again, and again while in the snow and ice, just goofin off. I can say with enthusiasm depressing the brakes fully with ABS results in poor stopping due to the brakes either not being applied or being applied too lightly. ABS was scary to use. It had nothing to do with us not knowing how to operate the systems as we would purposely perform the braking manuevers as we were supposed to. Yes, all your technical informatin matters, but different ABS systems will perform differently, too. 4 wheel ABS vs rear wheel ABS, and how advanced the ABS system is matters too. As far as me trying to flat spot my tires thanks, but I don't really have anywhere around here that wouldn't draw just a little too much attention, lol.

As for your comment about avoiding the deer, yes, the ABS helps those who do the wrong thing by slamming on the brakes and trying to turn. They slam on the brakes, and ABS basically takes the brakes away as they input steering direction into the wheel. I fail to see the benefit of ABS in this scenerio overall though, as you've basically stated you're going to hit the deer one way or the other, and a conventional braking system doesn't somehow lock the steering wheel into a straight up position when the brakes are applied.

Let's take my scenerio. You're driving down a snowy street and there is a sudden accident in front of you that occupies both lanes and you have 150ft to stop. Conventional brakes can do it in 130ft. ABS brakes can do it in 208ft, but you can swerve into the snow filled ditch (taking your chance on hitting road signs and needing a tow out) or either blocked lane of traffic while you have your brakes depressed.

How about an accident that takes up only one lane, otherwise same scenerio. You can either stop 20ft short of the accident or with ABS you can swerve into the other lane avoiding the crash and continue past them 3 1/2 car lenghts hoping there is no oncoming traffic or you can again choose the ditch.
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