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Unit, i was preaching i was explaining. Also this reply wasnt just meant for you only. Others here really dont know how ABS works. Just thought i would give them some facts and opinions on it.

Yeah you can hit the deer either way, but you may kill yourself or hurt yourself badly if you hit it head on.

As for an accident taking 2 lanes on snowy roads, you can still be part of that accident reaguardless of ABS or not.

Like i said Kell, there is pro's and con's about it. Every car is different. A very good driver can reduce accidents or even avoid them.

People actually need to be trained in order to use ABS correctly. Its a whole new ball game and we are throwing the bat boys in to play.

If you were a FedEx driver, chances are you drove vans. they can't stop worth of schit with or without ABS anyways. They are terrible in the snow, rain, dirt or what have you. I assume you drove the vans.

Just had to make myself clear.

Me, dont like ABS!
Cobra brakes are on! Finally.....
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