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Originally posted by Vector
I don't understand the point of rear wheel anti-lock brakes. My truck uses rwabs and the lousy front wheels always lock up in a hard stop. If ABS is supposed to help you steer, why are they on the rear tires???

Another thing is in the ice or snow, normal brakes will just lock up and you will slide foooooooooooreeeeeeeeever and probably crash anyway. I know my truck does NOT stop in the ice or snow, and I can't steer worth a damn because the fronts always lock up. I was driving in the wet pretty fast and had to slow down for a turn, thought I gave myself lots of room, well even with a bit of brake pressure the fronts locked up and I went /straight/ into the median, bounced off, thank god I regained control and avoided the ditch and the other lane.
I guess ABS slides fooooooooooreeeeeever + 60% then, because in numerous tests ABS took 60% longer to stop than full lockup on snow and ice.

Here's what I've found from experience with Fed Ex rental vehicles with Rear ABS. Fronts lock, can't steer. Rears do nothing, vehicle doesn't stop in reasonable amount of time, let alone quickly. Fed Ex trucks may see the weight differential of 1000lbs from time to time too

If you're not activating the ABS system, you're not using the ABS system, and you cannot possibly know how good it works.
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