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Default 2002. It Was A Pretty Decent Year

Like I do every year, I have been reflecting over the past year, and I realized that it was a pretty good one. For some reason, it usually seems like it wasn't, but 2002 was a pretty decent year.

I've been a member of Mustang Works for almost 4 years, but I met more people here last year than the first 3 combined. I formed and improved upon some really tight friendships here. The best weekend of my life took place last year. I learned a lot about myself, and a lot about human nature last year. I built and maintained a pretty kick a$s website, shaved most of my beard off, and stayed out of jail last year. I drank less alcohol last year than any other since 1980, except for the year I was locked up. I learned even more about setting up our Sprint Car, and was responsible for the only win we got last year. My condo increased in value 3 times more than I paid on my mortgage, and my cats all survived last year.

I didn't win the lottery, or meet the perfect woman, but those are two things I don't ever expect to happen, so for me, it really was a pretty decent year.

I've come to appreciate that it's the the small stuff that counts.

Happy New Year.

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