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Thumbs up Our Showing At Mustang Club Of Americas Houston Nationals

Well...Ya'll might not be aware but we did the MUSTANG CLUB OF AMERICAS NATIONAL SHOW THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

As was EXREMELY stressful, BUT , it was alot of fun! WhiteSnake could not be there but the Snake WAS there and we had the main BAR room going all weekend...and trust me! We needed those Margaritas to get thru the weekend!!!!

Well, after spending a day on my undercarriage, (It NEVER LOOKED BETTER) they did not judge them! I made them crawl thier *** under it anyways. But till I get my judging sheet, I will have not have any idea if I even got any points for it or not! I told them to look at Steve's too, but dont know if they did!

On Saturday, I heard a 'POP' when i was cleaning my interior...I ignored it...WELL.....when it came time to put up windows and such, I HAD NO POWER!!!!!!!! NO BATTERY, NO HORN, NO LIGHTS NOT NUTHING...I FREAKED OUT! It NEVER fails!!!!!!!!!!!

And THANK YOU to DARRELL ('94 Cobra Pace Car) my bud from the COBRA CLUB for working so hard to try to get me going again! Looks like something just put a MAJOR draw on my battery, and it was wasted. The SVT people in the SVT trailer had a Quick Jump, and got me going. My friend Tim w/ the '69 Mach 1 let me use his gel cell while he took mine home to charge overnight. Needless to stay, I stayed stressed out the rest of the weekend, and just kept drinking the margaritas......

The major highlights for me is when Jim Silverman the Head MCA judge of the late models approached me to talk to me bout my car. We hung out alot over the weekend. He was VERY cool (and from Bawwwwston) lol ...and also when Austin Craig approached me, remembering when we met in '99 at FFW / Ennis, when I got featured on My Classic Car. I got to spend some time w/ him and Scott Hoag of TEAM MUSTANG, and that was just TOO COOL FOR ME!!! I thourougly enjoyed swapping stories at midnight in the bar of all of our expieriences of getting tickets....I had many. And Austin Craig is prolly one of the most personable people I have EVER met!!!

sooooooo.......... in the it is...
I myself, am looking forward to getting my judging sheet...I put myself in a tougher class on purpose because I WANTED my engine and undercarriage judged...they did neither in Daily Driven...and obviously, the daily driven miles and wear and tear did NOT make a diff. in the judging, but deservingly so...I KNEW I was gonna get the shaft on my paint, and my seats...hoping my new top and bumper might help and the other EXTRAS i made sure were perfect..but you can only do so much on a hard driven 114,200 mile considering that, I guess I'm happy?


Darrell: Silver(you GOOO boy, and you dont even have, couldn't resitst!) (inside joke for some of us!) lol!

John and Barbara: GOLD....(VERY WELL DESERVED) yalls car is SPOT ON!!!!!! AS I'VE ALWAYS SAID!!!!!!!! and steve agrees!

Steve: Silver(DONT UNDERSTAND WHY HE DID NOT GET A GOLD...we'll see when we get his sheet)

ME: Bronze....understandable, my seats and my paint kicked my *** I'm sure, again, well see when we get the judging sheets!

DAVID M. : 1st in PEOPLES CHOICE....his car is bad *** for a new stang....even thou its NEWER.....Ive seen VERY FEW undercarriages that look like his...hes got something to be VERY proud of!!!!

Richard: GOLD in his class!!!! His Stang was looking good, and two thumbs up!

so ....with that, I have not got my pics developed yet. I'm still having issues w/ my computer/ digital camera.
Here is one shot that a friend of mine from the Cobra Club took at the show of me, Scott Hoag and Austin Craig......THANKS MIKE! I OWE YOU!!!!!!
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O.B.C #5..thank you!! I feel so priveledged!!

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