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Being stroked is great
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Additional things to consider about a 351W....
Lots of the blocks aren't hydraulic roller ready, so you'd have to convert to run a hydroller cam if you wanted to.
Distributor for EFI...gotta find something to work here.
New hood for EFI and possibly carb...clearance with the taller deck height block may become an issue.

You want a corner carver? Adding 100 pounds to the front end isn't going to help you turn.

With that being said, if I ever did it again I would for SURE build at least a 408W stroker. Ideally, I would up the funds for a Dart block and run a big bore 4.155" setup for 434 cubes. You could make a huge amount of power with more cubes and not need a power adder.

If any of my above points scare you, I would then look at a 347. Well engineered kits such as Scat, Eagle, etc. with a good piston in them, will be plenty strong and be a great foundation for making power. You can run a fair bit of boost into a stock block setup and not have problems.
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