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Default heads

I would go at least afr 185's, if you want real bigg power and still good velocity look at the TFS TW'r's, not many heads if any can beat it. checkout this and scroll all the way down you will find all the ultimate guides to cyl heads that MM&FF did in their magazine look at group 4 and 5 theres flow and dyno tests for each. As you will see just because a head has big flow doesnt mean it will make power. A stge 2 or 3 set of twisted wedge heads could be a good choice as well. I am building a 408 around the same as your 393 custom cam...etc and am having my TW's ported.

also see and look at the 393 build under small block ford (2 parts) pretty impressive........

Good luck with your build, careful parts matching makes a world of difference and the custom cam is a great step but you will need head flow #'s first.

my 67 vert
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