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Default Re: 393W-Which heads?

Originally posted by red82gt
Okay, the 302 is dead-long story. I now have an F4TE longblock 351W with the F2TE rods. The block is at the machine shop being bored .030", line honed, new cam bearings and core plugs, and then it's getting a cleanup cut and when the pistons+crank arrive, we'll set the deck height. I'm going to go with the Scat 9000 3.85" stroker crank, the 351W rods and a dished piston (Either KB 12cc dish or SRP 14.5cc dish), the CR with a zero deck and 60cc chambers will be mid to high 10's. The assembly will be balanced with a pioneer damper and a good billet steel flywheel (won't be an Ebay cheapie). Headers will be 1 3/4" longtubes and I'll be using a Vic Jr. intake (already bought it) and a proform main bodied 800 double pumper carb. Cam will be a hydraulic roller (seeing as this is a factory roller block) and will be specd by one of the custom cam grinders (Ed Curtis or Buddy Rawls). It'll be backed up by a tremec TKO600 tranny and a built 8.8.
My goals for the car include:

1. runs on pump gas
2. fairly streetable ie-power brakes(hence the hydraulic roller)
3. Makes peak power before 6000 rpms (cast crank)
4. 120+ mph in the quarter with a 3200lb car (includes me @245 lbs).
5. No worries about emmissions-as long as it doesn't kill trees when I drive by them
I've excluded the AFR 205's due to the fact that they aren't readily available with hydraulic roller springs and their "bare" heads are really bare and would cost more to set up for hydraulic roller springs than complete solid roller spring heads and that's without the CNC work.

Just copy my shyte!
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