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Look it's real easy and simple to get what you want! Just need the $$$.
Heres the low down...
408 or bigger....because....
you can keep the rpm's down and shtye tends to live longer when only needed to spin up to 6,000 rpms or less to simply achieve your goal.
Hyd cam works fine now...because of low shift point.
10.5 to 1 compreesion. (Pump Gas)
Super Victor intake....needed...(out-of- the-box) because of larger cross section verses the victor jr intake. You need more cross section because of larger cubes. Victor Jr. would work but need a lot of porting work done. That requires more $$

TFS-R out of the box would be plenty!!!!
AFR-225 would be plenty as well and allow to run a smaller cam with same H.P output over TFS_R heads. hint-hint- better drivabilty too!
AFR 205, 185 doesn't have enough cross section in my opinion.

You need volume along with flow to run strong.
750 mighty demon would be more then enough with awsome low end throttle response..Why a 750 and not a 850-950 carb... only going to go 6,000 rpms.

End result.. a very fast street car on pump gas with a power range in the 3,000-6000 rpms!
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