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Default Re: Suspension upgrade Qs for '65 coupe

Ended up going with the grab-a-track kit instead, since it comes with shackles and gave me a few more options.

I chose to stay with the 1" front sway bar because I think the 620 springs will significantly reduce roll on their own. I upgraded to the 5 leaf reverse eye springs since they're rated only 20lbs higher than the 4.5s that are on the car now, and stayed with the 3/4" rear sway bar. Also, I wanted to try to match the 1 1/2" drop up front with a 1 1/4" drop out back. I kinda hope it will come out even, does anyone know an easy way to drop the rear an extra 1/4"?

I ended up going with polyeurethane all around. The guys told me that anti-seize grease will prevent binding, and it can apparently be bought at any Kragen's or Auto Zone. Those little bastards sure are stiff, though. I've never dealt with poly before, and I was trying to squeeze them in my hand and they didn't give a bit.

Now I'm just waiting for MP to receive my spring compressor so I can get to work. BTW, those 620 springs are stiff too. Granted I'm only 220lbs, but I was checking them out to see if I could compress them at all, and nothing. I'm a little worried about the compressor...

Of course, I'm going to paint everything black that isn't already. I don't really like the look of multicolored suspensions, and it'll help me look stock at a glance. Is there a certain kind of paint I should use, or will anything pretty much look/last the same?
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