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Default Re: Suspension upgrade Qs for '65 coupe

Not bad. Guess I should be joining.

I hope I got the correct grease for the bushings. If I did, and don't need to paint the sway bars, then I can get started on my next day off! The brand is "Mag 1" and it's called "Super Lithium EP Moly Grease". I chose this because a couple of the guys at MP told me to make sure to get an anti-seize grease if I use the polyurethane bushings, and this is the only anti-seize grease I could find at Kragens or Pep Boys. It says it can be used over a wide range of applications, including automotive, but it doesn't say anything about being safe for polyurethane so I just wanted to ask and make sure if this stuff is safe before I get to work. I asked everyone I could find at the stores I checked, and nobody had a clue.
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