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Default Mechanic horror story

Hi everyone. This is my first post here. Hope to stick around and get to know some of you.

Since I was in high school (20 years ago!) my dream car was a '66 Mustang convertible. After all those years of dreaming, I found one for sale local, and fell in love with it. I planned on buying it, but first wanted a mechanic to look it over. I finally found a place that specialized in "muscle cars" and wanted to set up an appointment to bring the car in to be looked at. By, what I considered a stroke of luck at the time, the shop was the very same one that did all the full restoration on the car. The shop owner told me he knew the car better than the owner, and that he guaranteed me it was a daily driver, and that it was in excellent condition. We talked a while longer, and from his enthusiasm toward the quality of the car, I decided to buy it. There were a few things I could tell the car needed, so I made an appointment with the shop to have them done--little stuff like the top needed realligning, and I wanted a new gas cap put on because the paint was worn off... a few other small things. They told me there would be two days of work, and they took the full cost of the work up front. Okay, I should have seen a con coming a mile away, huh?

Two months later, they still had my car, and my money, and no work had been done. A little investigation on the shop taught me that they do this to every customer. I finally pulled my car out of there (after having to threaten to bring the cops in when they refused to give it back to me!) and they still have my money. I'm suing the shop, and I'm not the first. It turns out they were run out of Florida already, and the shop owner has a criminal record, and also has a habit of not paying the mechanics... just putting them to work and getting as much free work out of them as they can get until they finally realize they won't be paid, and then quit. Well, the shop gets all that free labor out of them, and the cars sit for months, and what do they care when they get paid for the repairs in advance?!

The car was far from a "daily driver". I got the car out of their shop in May, and it's been in and out of legitimate shops ever since. After putting about $5,000 more into it, I think it might finally be able to be driven around town--though I'm told the front frame needs work because it's rusted out and will continue to disintegrate. "Fully restored" my ass.

But, the car is a beauty... and despite all my whining about the con-artist mechanic and all the time it's sat in shops since I bought it, I love it. Hope to post some pictures someday, and I hope to be able to drive it now enough to get to know it better!

Word to the wise... if anyone is in the Nashville area and needs their classic looked at--stay far away from Classic Muscle. The owner belongs back in jail... and if you give him your car, be surprised if you ever get it back. As for your money... you'll wind up fighting it out in court before you ever get it back.
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