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Depends on what your looking for, in a heavy car that would be dragracing on sticky tires i would go 4.10's, but I run a gear that is not in your poll which has my vote the 3.90, I find it optimum for my setup running on slicks.
For a highway cruiser i say 3.55's imo.
X-Texas highway patrol ssp 1990 coupe - exploder Gt-40 iron heads, Explorer intake, 19 lber's. E-cam. crane 1.7 rollers. 190fp. 75mm maf. 65mm tb, tubular subframe connectors, mac cai, Asp crank pulley, T-5, king cobra clutch, flowtech 1-5/8 unequals, mac X-pipe Frpp driveshaft, lakewood Lca's.
race weight 3,160

12.69 @ 107.35, 1.71 60' 26x8.5 drag's 3.90 gear

13.20 @ 106.91 - 235/60/15 firestones 2.3 60' 3.27 gear
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