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Default New suspension, New Racer

I am just starting in road racing and I am trying to get my car ready. I am an ex Motocross racer and after I got divorced and got custody of my 3 boys we got real heavy into motocross racing. I have raced and supported my kids for over 19 years but now there all grown. My youngest son is trying to turn Pro and now has his own race team. Now this summer he will be moving out and I still got the racing bug, so I want to try road racing. I am enrolled in a 1 day High performance racing school and then the Two Day SCCA Competition School & SOVREN VINTAGE Licensing Program.

I just got all new Suspension installed on my car and I have a few questions.

The car is a 95 Mustang GT the motor is stock except for;
MAC LT headers, MAC O/R Pro Chamber, MagnaFlow catback and a cold air kit.

Here is my suspension parts list.

03 Cobra Updated A Arms
MM Full Length Subframe Connectors Powdercoated Black
MM Caster Camber Plates
MM Adjustable Lower Control Arms Black
UPR Bumpsteer kit
Prothane Standard Rack Bushing non off set
Prothane Front Sway bar End link Kit 4-1/4 inch
Prothane Front Sway bar Bushings 30mm
Polyurethane Spring Isolators
Polyurethane Spring Isolators
Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
Ford Racing Upper Control Arms
TOKPAK9404 Total Tokico Front & Rear Strut/Shock Package

Now the questions

When I went to get it aligned the Tech could only get it to adjust to factory spec. neg .6 deg caster (or was it camber). I was told for the track I should have neg. 1.5. Is that true?
To get more adjustment from them do I?
Switch the top plates on the caster/camber plates left to right?
Or do I just rotate them 180deg?
Will the car settle down after driving it for awhile? (It only dropped 1" so far)
What should be my next upgrades be?
What are some good seats to buy?
What are some good books on suspension and driving?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Steeda Tri Ax Shifter, FMS 3.55 gears, Hawk performance break pads, MAC Cold Air & K&N filter.
Exhaust: Mac ceramic coated LTs & Pro Chamber O/R, Magnaflow catback. Interior: Auto Meter Carbon Fiber gauges,water,oil,Saleen dash pod.
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