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lets get one thing straight the stock bottomend will hold 6500 all day long the flywheel (manual) would only break at 6500 it it had stress cracks.cooling system mines stockother than a electric fan,transmission(t5) no problems mine lasted half the summer with over 500hp goin tru it,Dont under estimate a 302 they take a beating.its simple dont waste much money on gt40 heads.go with 165 afr a rpm preformer intake and a decent cam.then a 100 on a fuel pump and 200 a set of 24lb injectors.u aint gonn flow enough air tru a set of untouched gt40 heads to make 320 hp.with the gt40 and a intake ud be luckey toget 265hp.if thats what ur looking for thengoit if u wanna make over 300 then save ur money and get some aluminum heads intake cam.u will pick up power just on the cr gain
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