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Originally Posted by Lashbrook27 View Post
This looks like a great conversation. When I bought my 90GT it seemed to be real slow. Even with the 3.73's installed it took of the line like a brick. All at the same time I installed a Cobra Intake, GT40P's, ford racing headers instead of the BBK that were on already, BBK high flow h-pipe, 40 series flowmasters dumped. This car will not hook at all on the street. Once the 3.73's get the rmps to about 3500(quickly) forget about the tires sticking, thats if I take it easy. This is also with the stock 60mm TB. I am looking to pick up a E303 cam that will keep me just under .500 which is perfectly sooted for these heads, to include a set of 1.6 rockers. Matched up with a good fuel system and I will have a nice street car running good 1/4 mile times.

Unit 5302 any ideas on how I should set up the fuel system? Has stock pump, 24lb injectors (i did not install). It did not have adj. regulator, which I did not remove (long story) but it isn't on there now.

1990 Mustang GT 25th Ann: original stock forged short block; gt40p heads; cobra intake; stock tb; 75mm c&l; bbk cold air fender mount; 24lb injectors; underdrive pulley on crank and water pump; msd cap and rotor; msd wires; stock coil; aode with shift kit and cooler; ford racing headers, bbk hi flow h pipe; 40 series flowmasters dumped; 3.73's, bbk lowing springs; 245/45 R17's all around (definitly need a better tire in the rear).

mods soon to come: electric fan for better cooling and to remove robbing crank driven, E303, 1.6 rockers, better tires in the rear
I just happened to be passing through the Windsor Power forum today...

Well, the 24lb/hr injectors are sufficient (no adjustable regulator necessary), but the stock pump has to go. If I remember correctly, it's 88lph. You need to step it up to at least a 110lph pump, but I'd probably go to a 155lph pump as they're practically the same price and a 110lph pump is pushing it.

Which version of the GT-40Ps do you have? Aftermarket or from an Explorer? The reason I ask is that the heads from the Explorer will be setup with valves that can handle an absolute maximum of .500 lift before they may bind. Taking them to the extreme could result in the problems, and it's certainly more likely to get you valve float at higher rpms.
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