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As much as I truly HATE the company and the personnel there, AMP Performance - just do NOT deal with Mikey there, as he is a real ass****. They make one of the top rear ends for 8.8 comp, mated to a tko 600 or 500 that is incredible. Make sure you go with the upgrade options for Baer Brakes - the PRO plus System - and the heavy duty rear cover. Beyond this, I can also suggest highly using Maximum Motorsports. They are fantastic to deal with, and I have their entire suspension system, and race cage, installed in my 89 LX. They have been nothing but pleasant to deal with, even over the phone, and their technical knowledge is outstanding. Best of luck.

P.S. - the rear end I went with built by AMP Performance was a 3.73 with locker, etc. - all the upgrades, except they screwed me not putting in the 5 stud and put in the 4 stud to spite me knowing they were not getting certain things out of me after and outside work. This rear is mated to a TKO 600 Tranny, and a Custom Built 347 based 302 Boss Block for forced induction, with a full MSD system, a Vortech Ysi Trim Supercharger, Anderson Power Pipe, Anderson PMS, Anderson Mr. Freeze H30/Methanol Injection System (for road use), a JPC Intercooler, a JPC Box and Pump/Snow System (for track use only), and the Aeromotive A-1000 Stealth System with Fuel Return. Those are just the main goodies to play with. I have not yet tried the 3.73 out, however, I know their products extremely well, and until now never had a problem with AMP or any of their personnel. You might say they thought they were winning a lottery at any costs, and got extremely larcenous and felonious with me, even $13,000 of parts stolen off several UPS trucks - anything without a MSO stolen by someone/somebody - then AMP refused to honor their original quotes and prices with me after being sent a $20,000 Cashier's Check. Guess the idea of ruling the world got in their heads somehow, lol, as if they ever would...
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