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Default Parasitic Battey Drain on 94 Stang

Greetings fellow Mustang enthusiasts. I am totally baffled with an issue that I have with my 1994 GT Mustang convertible. Out of nowhere, I started to have low/dead battery problems. After charging the battery, the same issue reoccurred the next morning. I checked out the battery and charging system and all appear in order. I checked the current draw with a meter across the negative side of the battery with key off and found it's about 80Ma. I started pulling fuses with the meter still across the ground side of the battery to isolate the problem circuit. The draw dropped to 2Ma when I pulled the only 50Ma fuse in the panel located in the engine compartment. This circuit feeds interior fuses #4, #8, #16 and circuit breaker #12.

I then started pulling fuses on the interior fuse panel, again with the meter in full view. When I pulled fuse #8, the draw dropped to an acceptable 2Ma. From that point I pulled apart every connector leading to each item on the circuit controlled by fuse #8. I was not able to find what was causing the excessive current draw.

I'm at a total loss. Is there anyone on this forum who has some knowledge of electrical circuits on vehicles, particularly 94 Mustangs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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