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Default Back After 14 years (with a twist)

Yes, I've been gone from the forums for a long time. Back then I was on the other team, but always liked the friendly rivalry between the two groups and had friends with 'stangs.

In 2007 I sold the Z06 when this blonde, brown-eyed beauty showed up at my door. Priorities changed after that. In 2016 after owning a gaggle of 'sport' sedans and SUVs I decided we needed something fun again in our lives. I found this one in Buffalo, NY...flew up with her, bought it and had the best 4 day road trip bringing it home...

We've been together for more than 12 years and married for almost that long. Back then my first priority was not getting beat by some ricer 'brewing coffee' out his exhaust. Now, it's more about preserving this GT so my son can have it in just a few short years when he starts driving.

I've decided I don't want to make it a 700hp monster, but I definitely want to give it a few goodies, so you're going to start seeing me ask about the dumb things I use to know all about when I drove bowties.

Thanks to the mods for helping me re-activate my account even though I don't have the same email address anymore. Hopefully it's still as friendly around here as I remember.

2015 GT Premium Convertible, 6-spd
Ingot Silver ext. on Rally Red interior
Stock (for now -- but not planning any crazy mods)

2002 Millenium Yellow Z06 w/mod red
1999 Z28 M6 Arctic White,
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