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Default Event Coverage?

I was wondering why the FFW only has the #1 qualifier and the final round results? Why can't you have the final qualifying ladder, round by round eliminations and the finals? Is it a space thing or what? NMCA/Hot Rod has up qualifying and final round results from their event and I'm sure the round by round eliminations will be up soon. Last year, NMCA and NSCA had qualifying and round by round eliminations on their web sites. The WFC only posted the finals and I thought for such a big event that they should have posted all the results. The reason that I bring this up is the event coverage in the mags is not always the greatest. Sometimes some of the lower classes (ie Street Stock) only get the winners name mentioned. I am interested in seeing why someone (ie Steve Barton) did not make it to the finals. Did he lose in the first round? or maybe he didn't even attend. I would like to know from other members of this site whether I am the only one that feels this way. This is not meant to be a knock at this site because I love it.
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