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jplandcll 08-16-1999 10:04 PM

I recently purchased a 64 1/2 has a 200cid from a 67 falcon. it was Idling rough. My mechanic is doing a valve job..he ordered the valves but they did not fit..seems that the numbers on the heads are from a 144 cid?? are those heads all interchangable on straight six's
(144 170 200)and what years were 144's in cars?

Stefan 08-20-1999 12:36 PM

Try asking the guys at Clifford Performance. The are pretty much experts on the inline sixes. Try www.clifford or call them at (909) 734-3310. I hope this helps (sorry if you have already tried them).


66 Standard coupe
200 inline 6 - Pertronix ignition, K&N, Clifford Perf. 6 into 2 headers(not installed yet), Holly carb

96 GT Convertible
K&N (more to come)

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