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Sean6990 04-29-1999 09:46 PM

Looking to put new dual exhaust system on my 69 coupe. Currently just have glasspacks but want to go to a reg. muffler. I ordered JBA shorty headers already. Any suggestions? My car is lowered and the glasspacks rub so I want a muffler that fits up into the floorboard recess. Also need an H-pipe that doesn't hang to low. Where can I get one? Basically want something that sounds better than the old cherry bombs.

66fastback 04-30-1999 01:51 AM

You can get mufflers to fit almost anywhere. Even Pepboys carries some that fit on their shelves. Sonic Turbo's, Dynomax's, even a "Cherry Bomb". Just don't get one over about 15" long and you'll be fine. Great choice of header by the way. I have a set on my car and love em. Good luck on an H-pipe made to fit them though. You really need a custom piece to work best. I've tried a couple of H-pipes on mine ( b4 I got the JBA's ) and they all seemed to fit too low anyway. I'd just find a good shop to build you one. Careful who you go to. My dad had Midas build him a system for his 67 and while we were taking the exhaust down one day, we found out that they never cut any holes in the pipes for the crossover. How did we find out? The crossover pipe came off in our hands because the welds were so poor. I wish JBA would make an H-pipe too! I'd buy one. Good luck.

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thunderbolt 04-30-1999 06:20 PM

Have you thought of having an exhaust shop build the H pipe and mount mufflers for you. On a car of that vintage I think the cost would be reasonable. I seem to recall a freind getting a whole system for around 200.

Sean6990 04-30-1999 09:07 PM

Was considering flowmaster mufflers as I have those on my 90 LX. They sound ok but I thought they would be alot louder than they are. I like some noise but how much louder will they be on my 69 with the JBA's and of course no cats? Thanx for the replies.

penguin 05-12-1999 05:11 PM

I've got the Summit racing imitation Flowmasters on my '67 with Hedman headers and they sound great. not as deep as the real Flowmasters, but a lot cheaper.
my big problem is the smell - I've been told that all '67s with headers and performance mufflers leak fumes in through the side windows. anyone got any experience with this? I'm planning on switching to some shorty headers hoping this will help fix the problem. are there any good shorties that are cheaper than jba's ($439)?

66fastback 05-13-1999 02:52 AM

I think Hedman is making some shorties for these cars now, although I have never liked their headers. Yes, my old 67 smelled of exhaust all the time. I hated coming home in the afternoon and smelling like an exhaust pipe. The JBA's are expensive, but I promise you they would be the last pair of headers you would ever have to buy for your car, and mine don't leak at all--first pair of headers I have ever owned that didn't leak somewhere.

Clark Rodgers 05-14-1999 02:13 PM

Don't forget that flowmaster makes 2&3 chamber mufflers,there is quite a difference in how loud they are.

66fastback 05-18-1999 05:50 AM

Good point on the Flowmasters. Someone here e-mailed me about what headers I have used. They do not have an e-mail address set up, so for everyone's enjoyment....
I have tried the Hooker Comps ( on a 351W ) and thought the quality was lousy. I can't say much for Hedman, as the only pair I owned was many years ago, and on a Cleveland. So other than saying that they sucked back then, I will refrain from comment. A couple of pairs of Doug Thorley Tri-Y's---they ALWAYS leaked bad. A few others that I can't name at the moment, but they were cheap. I think one was a set of Black Jacks. I do have a buddy with a set of Cyclone AR's, and looking at them ( he has not installed them yet ) they look like pretty good headers. The Cyclones would probably be my second choice behind the JBA's. I hope this helps someone--ANYONE.

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Clark Rodgers 05-18-1999 03:19 PM

Any help in this area is appreciated. I'm the one who is looking for help with my 69 351W,I'm getting to the point of putting my old cast iron one's on with a set of flowmasters and waiting for JBA to come out with a set for my installation!

Sean6990 05-18-1999 07:41 PM

66fastback, I,m getting the JBA's installed this week, wondering if I'll need 90 degree plug boots also? Any other suggestions? Thanx.

66fastback 05-19-1999 01:41 AM

No need for 90 degree boots, but 45 degrees boots seem to work well. Mine even cleared mine with the 45 degree boots on the windsor jr. heads, and the spark plugs are moved on those heads to where clearance is a much bigger problem. I have them on the standard heads right now, and there is no need to worry about wire clearance.
Clark, I'd hate to see you have to resort to the stock manifolds, but the 351 windsor manifolds are not nearly as restrictive as the 289/302 logs. Might be worth it compared to the headache of some headers. By the way, save you $$$, if JBA does come out with one for 351's, their headers will set you back about $400 of your hard earned cash.

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