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namadness 04-19-1999 10:52 PM

Lugo DQ @ Atlanta? True or false
It was reported on bbs that Lugo was DQ'd for a short rearend. Is this true?

jchambers 04-20-1999 11:13 AM

There were a few disqualifications over the weekend,and one was rumored to be because of a shortened (too short) 9" rearend. I didn't catch the name, but you very well could have it correct. There was also someone in S/R force to remove his EPEC unit and I also heard about an S/R racer trying to run a Novi without the inlet restrictor. All of these are unconfirmed except the EPEC. Remember to check with George on anything that's pushing the grey areas.

Jeff Chambers
T/S #4
12.70 Seconds/108.0 MPH

2Quick4u 04-21-1999 02:45 AM

In the S/R class there was a black Gt running a Epec Computer And A Novi 2000 with no Sleeve. After The Pass on sunday in eliminations From what i heard was they were told to keep there hoods Down And noone Was allowed near the cars and his crew was under the hood disconnecting stuff,also the next pass made was on motor cause he spun the belt and locked up the blower. Also with further lookin in the car there was a braided Line going into the Car and under the seat, Makes U Wonder......... Thats The Best I Can Tell ya From Bein In The Pits And Also Bein On The Crew Of A Renegade Car.

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