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Buford T Justice
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Post q/8 mile racing, $15 bucks as many runs as you want!!!

That should say 1/8 mile racing. Trying to get some members to show up, I'm one of two Ford guys that showed up last time. Any Questions?? Ask here or Email me at

The Outlaws will be holding another POWER CRUZ @ Friendship Park Raceway (near Steubenville, Ohio) SUNDAY Sept. 30th

Gates open @ 10:am Racing @ 11:00
Gamblers Race @ 4:30
$15.00 to race Spectators $3.00

Regular car cruises are a dime a dozen, but......... there is only one
POWER CRUZ and it was the Aliquippa Outlaws Car Club that brought it all to life. Accept NO SUBSTITUTE! If it says Power Cruz & it's "NOT" the Aliquippa Outlaws ........ It's just another "wanna-be"

You are allowed to get in as many runs as you can. There are 6 staging lanes, so we can set up "grudge runs".

Gates open at 10:am
Street Racing starts at 11:00 am and runs till 4:30 pm
Gamblers Shootout starts at 4:30 (the winner takes 1/2 the pot)

We want everyone who loves drag racing to get in the car and join us. We NEED as many racers as we can get.
***** SPREAD THE WORD *****
Cruisers and spectators are welcome, so cruz on down and watch the fun.


These Rules are for Spectator and Participant safety. OBEY THEM and have fun.
1. First and foremost is "0 TOLLERANCE". Simply stated, we reserve the right to throw anyone off of the track or from the cruz area who breaks the rules. There are NO second chances. Your track fee is NOT refundable.
2. Burn-outs or peeling out is done on the burnout pad or track ONLY. Under NO circumstances will it be done ANYWHERE else.
3. The return road is a not a drag strip. Obey the speed limit. It WILL be enforced .
4. You WILL shut down at the end of the 1/8 mile. Anyone who does NOT let off at the 1/8 mile mark will not return to the staging area and will be escorted from the area.
5. Everyone participating in the track events Will register and SIGN a hold harmless agreement.
6. ALL cars participating in track events will under go a short technical inspection.
7. If you DO NOT have a track sticker or have not been teched, you DO NOT race.
8. If you are leaking fluids, DO NOT come on the track.
9. ALL cars, regardless of speed, can run on the regulation Drag Strip.
10. Spectators will stay behind the fencing.
11. SEAT belts & helmets MUST be worn when racing.
12. Convertable tops MUST be up.
13. Bikers MUST wear protective gear and clothing. (no shorts)
14. DO NOT run past the light when heating up your tires. (rails excepted) Heat-up stage and run, this is only exhibition racing.
15. DO stationary burn-outs only in the water pit.
16. Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs.
17. No unsportsman like conduct.
18. No carless or reckless driving will be tolerated.
Track Fee - (Any car using the track) $15.00 @ Friendship Park Raceway
Spectators - $3.00 @ the Friendship Park Cruises
Cruz Cars - (Cruz areas only) any cruise car wanting to use the track must pay the track fee and be teched prior to racing.

Home Directions Questions?
Car Tech
1. Battery must be secured
2. All lug nuts must be on and tight
3. Seat belts must be worn when racing
4. Tires must be in very good condition
5. Absolutely no obvious fluid leaks
6. No loose parts
7. Helmets are recommended ( If you have one bring it & wear it)
8. No passengers (don't ask)
9. If the tech feels the vehicle is unsafe, you will not be allowed on the track

Motor Cycles
1. Must wear helmet, long pants, jacket and shoes
2. Bike must be in safe working order and pass the technical inspection

(shoe polish, same as the strip)

What is a POWER CRUZ?
A "Power Cruz" is a car cruise for those of us who enjoy the performance side of the "muscle cars" & street rods. We all enjoy going to a cruise and appreciate the time and effort that all cruzers have put into their cars. Appearance is just one side of the coin, there's also the time, money and patience it takes to make them run the way we want. Back in the 60's, for the dinosaurs, (not me of course) running on the street was a way of life. Things were a little simpler then. Sure, we (oops that slipped) got a few tickets and had our share of high speed chases, but the bottom line is we did it and never got it out of our blood. With the strict laws today, it's just not as easy and I hate to use the word, but we're getting too "old" to get caught racing on the streets. You still have the young and old alike building "hot" cars, but most of them would not be allowed to race on a sanctioned drag strip due to the NHRA / IHRA regulations. Hence the birth of the "POWER CRUZ". With a lot of hard work and an equal amount of persuasion, the Aliquippa Outlaws, headed by Bobby Williams, were able to convince the City of Aliquippa to let us hold 1/8th mile drag races inside the old LTV site. A new street had recently been paved and was perfect for our use. In order to get permission we had to obtain drag racing insurance and liability insurance on the surrounding buildings & businesses. The insurance company required jersey barriers and guard rails along both sides of the strip. Needless to say, you know where we spent our weekends. Digging in excess of 700 holes can wear a man down. Our members jumped in and worked their butts off to make the whole thing possible and I know that all who got to race appreciated their effort. Stick with us we're far from done.
ALIQUIPPA SAYS NO TO POWER CRUZ's. Due to construction and the near sightedness of a few city officials we've been forced to take our show on the road. The sight selected is Friendship Park Raceway below Steubenville (58 minutes from Aliquippa) They have agreed to let us rent the track an maintain our minimal tech requirments, so everyone can race. Stay with us and bring everyone you can. The more the better!

In Memory of Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001
Deep forest green '95 Mustang GTS, Edelbrock Upper & Lower Intake, FMS 3:73's, B&M Ripper 5-speed, air silencer removed, K&N filter, advanced timing, 2 chamber Flowmasters, '01 Bullitt Wheels, Indiglo whiteface gauges
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[This message has been edited by hillie16 (edited 09-05-2001).]
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Coupe Devil
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I read all those rules and they are pretty fair. We have a test and tune every thursday night and as long as you have a seat belt, helmt, good tires and no leaks you can run. I wish we had more tech but it just doesnt seem that will ever happen. Our test and tune only cost ten bucks and you get as many runs as you can.

'93 lx notch 4 banger (drive it to work currently), 89' 4banger in prep for all out drag car. Using the 306, 8.8 posi, 4.10's, summit rear cover. Future Mods granatelli lift bars, bbk uppers, Flex-a-lite elec. fan, cowl hood, wieand stealth intake, holley 650 d.p., built c-4 or c-6, e-303, 10 inch wheels in the back with slicks, skinnies up front, pulleys, full autometer guages, msd box, mallory unilite dist, and coil, custom headers, rear seat delete, aftermarket front seats, roll cage, ATI p
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