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skiwesser 02-02-2012 01:11 AM

Help with nitrous please
I haven't sprayed new motor at all so system hasn't been activated

in about 6 1/2 yrs. Went to spray what amounts to an 87 shot (I

forget actual jet sizes) anyway it acted like the Nos solenoid didn't

open (popped and missed, "stumbled"). So I unhooked the solenoids

and they both clicked when I put power to them(both ohmed out

the same so I tried powering them). Now it seems to be getting

nitrous because it pulls, but still misses and stumbles bad(like it's

not getting enough nitrous). I unhooked all lines anb blew them out,

blew out nozzle, checked jets and screen filter on inlet side of

solenoid. Still same?? I'm kinda new at nitrous but I understand it,

got plenty of bottle pressure, system works (I'm confiedent it's

getting some nos now) can the solenoid be not opening all the way?

I thought it was open or closed, and if stuck or broke it wouldn'd

open at all right? It's a wet system with one nozzle in intake elbow.

Any help is GREATLY APPRECIEATED!! Sorry so long.


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