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Johnny Fort 07-10-2002 04:17 PM

Why won't air blow out of my vents?
Everything works, defrost, heat, floor, and AC, but nothing comes out of the vents. What gives? (it better be cheap and easy to fix!)

GodStang 07-10-2002 05:43 PM

check to see if the air conditioning fan is working,

Johnny Fort 07-10-2002 06:01 PM

I'll check that, thanks.

Let me add something. When I use heat, it won't come out of the vents either. Everything works except nothing (hot or cold) comes out of the vents.

Conman 07-10-2002 09:15 PM

when you turn it to vent where does the heat/cold come out?

that switch is vacuum operated, it may be a bad hose somewhere?

Bad89stang 07-10-2002 09:28 PM

Here is your solution...
Ready to fix your A/C? Good. Pop the hood and find the vacuum line that goes to the outlet labeled "A/C" on the main vacuum tree(on the drivers side of the firewall). It is a hard plastic line and it has a crack in it. Replace it with some rubber tubing that has the same inside diameter. Now you will have fixed the problem and you won't have to put those stupid rubber ends on the plastic line. I put some corrugated plastic tubing around my hose to protect it from weathering. Good luck. :D

Conman 07-11-2002 08:22 AM

I may be wrong but I don't think the main hose under the hood has a leak

It was that hose on my car too but it didn't matter what setting I had it on air always came out of the defroster

for just one setting not working I would think it is in the dash somewhere

although it is another place to check, good luck

Johnny Fort 07-11-2002 08:28 AM

When I put it on vent, it comes out the floor and windshield (defrost). I can't work on my car until tomorrow but I will start with the ideas you guys gave me. Thank fellas.

Johnny Fort 07-11-2002 01:08 PM

Hey guys, just checked my car at lunch and noticed something funny. No matter what setting it is in, max ac, norm ac, vent, floor, defrost, or whatever else, the air comes out of the floor and defrost at the same rate (max isn't faster than normal ac). So basically, it seems that that switch/dial does nothing to alter the air/heat. The only difference is that it turns off when I put it to off. Now I'm really confused. (and starting to sweat coming home from work!)

Joe50 07-11-2002 01:35 PM

You have a vacuum leak/broken vacuum hose...the exact same thing happenend on my car. Read Bad89's reply over clearly states the solution.

Johnny Fort 07-11-2002 08:31 PM

You guys are *******' amazing! I had 30 minutes between work and school so I thought I'd look under the hood. Sure enough the AC hose coming from the vaccuum tree was completely severed. So I ran to Ace Hardware and bought 2 feet of orange air compressor hose ($0.78) and threw it on to see if it would work. What do ya know, air blowing everywhere! Will this hose last or should I use something else?

The only problem is that there is no cold air. What should I pay for a recharge (it hasn't been done for at least 5 years)? Can I do it myself?

Thanks again fellas.

Mr 5 0 07-13-2002 12:41 PM

A/C advice
R-12 (freon) is running somewhere around $30. per pound (if you can get it) and it takes three pounds to fill your A/C system, plus the labor costs.

If the freon is gone, you probably have a leak. Often the fittings are the culprit. Have the entire A/C system checked out before dumping money into an expensive recharge.

You may be advised to convert to R-134a instead of staying with the R-12. Not a bad idea. Talk to an A/C pro, first.

Txmustang 01-29-2012 11:23 PM

Re: Why won't air blow out of my vents?
Thank you Bad89stang! That was the problem! Fixed it in 5 min!

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